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Top Things Kids Do at Tate

Tate Kids interviewed kids to find out the top things they do at Tate Modern. Let's have a look at what they found out!

three kids at Tate

A lot of really cool things happen at Tate galleries. Some investigators were curious to know what kids did at Tate so they interviewed a few kids to find out.

So, what do kids actually do here?

1. create art on a furry wall

boy drawing on wall with fingers

The interviewers then met a kid using his fingers to draw on a FURRY, orange wall. Yep. Furry!

He said, "I wish my artwork could go up in the gallery." This is exactly what he was doing! He was showing his work at the gallery.

Have you ever drawn on any unusual surfaces?

2. make awesome shadow puppets

boy shadow puppet

The interviewers were trying to figure out if this kid was making a bird or a butterfly. What do you think?

He was enjoying being a shape-shifter! Next, he showed the interviewers how to make a dog.

Do you ever create shadow puppets using your hands? Or maybe even using the rest of your body, too?

3. draw and relax

girls drawing

The interviewers came across these two kids drawing peacefully.

They said, "We love drawing here. There is so much art around us to draw and its calm."

The interviewers agreed. Sometimes it's nice to take a break and be inspired to create something brilliant.

4. show some moves

two boys doing robot moves

After all that relaxing, the investigators were filled with energy watching these kids respond to "Strike a pose!" They thought that these kids looked like robots!

Do you like dancing or posing? Tate galleries are big and have lots of things going on- how would you pose to show how you felt about the galleries?

so what will you do at Tate?

girl with arms up

The interviewers have found out loads about what kids do at Tate galleries and safe to say, kids have a lot of fun at Tate!

So what will you do in the gallery?

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