Who are they?

Who is Charlie Phillips?

Meet Charlie Phillips, the photographer who captures images of everyday life

A man looks off beyond us wearing a dark hat and glassess and he has a white beard. He holds an old camera. The photo is black and white.

Charlie Phillips, photo by Misan Harriman

What kind of photographs does he take?

In London in the 1960s and 1970s, Charlie Phillips liked to capture images of everyday people around him living their everyday lives. He took photographs of people he knew, as well as people he met walking around in his area or attending community events, political rallies and funerals. He says he wanted to capture Black working-class life in west London to show people back in Jamaica what life was like in England.

This image is called Notting Hill Couple and was taken in London in 1967. Who do you think this couple are? What do you think is their story?

Charlie Phillips OBE
Notting Hill Couple (1967)

Why did he decide to become an artist?

Watch the video to find out all about Charlie Phillips and why he decided to become an artist. Growing up in Notting Hill in London, he taught himself to be a photographer by playing around with a camera and learning from his mistakes. He says you don't need to go to art school to become an artist, you can teach yourself instead!

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