Art and Technology

Photo Challenge: Angles

Take photos from different angles and learn to see like a curious creature

What you need

  • A phone or a camera
  • Some friends or family to do the challenge with you
  • Somewhere to take photos. This can be your inside your home, or around your local area

Inspiration for your challenge

Eileen Agar was a British surrealist painter and object-maker. She also loved to take photographs when she was travelling around. This is her on a beach lying next to a plastic swan and a rubber shark.

She was playful and took photos from unusual angles.

Eileen Agar
Photograph of a hand feeding seagulls ([1950s])
Tate Archive

Looking up from low down starts a story about being small. Look at the angle is Eileen Agar using to take this photograph. Where are you? What is going to happen next?

Taking a photo from above starts a story about being big and tall! Try snapping from different angles and telling stories to go with your photos.

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