Paint and draw

Design a future city

A drawing of a future city in bright colours

Zhizhen Lin, New Metropolitan in the Woods ©️MYA

In 100 years time there will be many more people on planet Earth than there are now. Where are they going to live? We might need more cities to house everyone!

Let’s create a new city of the future with our imagination. You can decide whether your future city exists 100 or even 1000 years in the future! Today we’re going to time travel there and take a look around, and draw what we want to create.

What you need

We'll need to think about how the city will be environmentally sustainable, provide homes, schools and places for everyone to work. We’re going to take some inspiration from artworks in Tate’s collection and blast off to the future… Get strapped in, let’s go!

You could use our simple drawing game Tate Draw or our painting game Tate Paint to draw your city.

You could also use a crayon, pencil or pen and a sheet of paper of any size. You might want to draw a plan on paper and then try it online to save it or show your friends.

Rikard Österlund

Use your senses

What does the city sound like? Is it busy or quiet? What does it smell like? How do you want the people who live there to feel?

Lily D. Joseph
Roofs, High Holborn (c.1937)


Where will people live in this city? How will their homes be arranged? What features might they have to be more eco-friendly?


How will people get around in your city? Will there be cars, flying spaceships... or maybe only slides?

Carsten Höller Test Site installation US06

Carsten Höller Test Site

© Tate Photography

Schools and Playgrounds

Where will kids play in this city? Where will they go to school? Will there be more schools, or playgrounds?

Errol Sawyer
Untitled (1997)

Animals and Wildlife

What animals might also live in this city? Where will the green spaces be? Will everyone have pets?

design your city

Think about all of the parts of your city and have a go at designing it using one of our games, or pencil and paper. We'd love to see your creations! Submit your work to Tate Kids Gallery.

A futuristic city painting with blue tones

Yifei Jin, Future City of Stars ©️MYA

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