Paint and draw

Make a Continuous Line Drawing

Try not to take your pencil off the paper as you make a continuous line drawing

What you need

  • Paper to draw on
  • Something to draw with (pen, pencil, crayon - anything will work)
  • Something to draw (try your hand, someone else's face, or an object from around the house or classroom)


A continuous line drawing by Donald Rodney in black pen on white paper

© The estate of Donald Rodney

This is a sketch by artist Donald Rodney. He was an artist from Birmingham who was an important figure in the Black British Arts Movement. His work covered issues about racial injustice and identity.

When you look closely at the drawing, it looks like he didn't take his pen off the paper. A continuous line drawing is all about keeping your pen touching the paper - no exceptions! It doesn't matter if it makes the drawing look scribbly or messy - that's part of the fun!