Paint and draw

Three Fun Ways to Paint

Paint with water, use recycled stuff, or try not using a paintbrush!

This video is inspired by the work of the Gutai Group.

After the Second World War in Japan, a group of artists formed a radical new art group called Gutai. You can learn all about the Gutai group by watching our video.

One of the artists in the group was called Shimamoto Shōzō. He would make exciting artworks by trying out new materials and experimenting with how he made art. He made paintings by throwing bottles of paint at a white canvas and exploding paint from a canon. Now that’s one way to do it! Here he is in action.

This is another of his artwork called Holes. To make it, he stuck layers of newspaper on a canvas frame and painted on top of it. Then he poked lots of holes in it!

Shozo Shimamoto
Holes (1954)

Can you think of any other new ways to make a painting that might not need a paintbrush, or even paint?

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