Make a Paper Sculpture

Cut up some paper scraps and make a 3D sculpture

You will need

  • A cereal box or some cardboard for the base
  • Some coloured paper, newspaper, scrap paper or old wrapping paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors


Michael Bolus
11th Sculpture (1963)

This sculpture by artist Michael Bolus is the inspiraton for your paper sculpture. The artist made it out of a very hard material. He used steel. Even though you will make yours out of paper, can you see how the two might be similar?

If you didn't know his was made from steel, what would you think it was made from?

How can you use your paper in lots of different ways to make different shapes? Ours looks a bit like a rollercoaster, what about yours?

Michael Bolus
8th Sculpture (1963)

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