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Discussion List


Tate in Space launched an email Discussion List on September 1st 2002 to create a public forum that addressed the many issues emerging in relation to Tate in Space. Every 2 months until July 2003, a new focus and set of questions were proposed in relation to the new Tate.

There were a number of invited respondents to the discussion list ranging from space artists, writers, scientists and architects to curators and art historians.

Questions within this forum included:

  • Why a Tate in Space?
  • Exploration or earthcentricity?
  • Cultural ambition and the search for new audiences
  • Space architecture
  • Space pollution and the practicalities of siting and installing works in zero gravity.

Discussion Archive

The active period for this discussion has now closed. Unedited versions of the Tate in Space discussions can be found at http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/archives/tate-in-space.html

The list remains available for ongoing and related topics. You may join the discussion list and add topics of your own by going to

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