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Space Architecture

As part of the initial development programme of Tate in Space, three future thinking architectural practices were invited to develop proposals for the new Tate. We also launched an open submission Student Competition designed to stimulate ideas and thinking during this critical development period. The results of the Tate in Space Student Architecture Competition are now available, and the winning entries can be viewed on this site (see Student Competition, below), along with the three original invited proposals by Softroom, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects and ETALAB.

Tate in Space Student Architecture Competition

Entries were received from seven countries and the judging took place during February 2003.
The judges were Susan Collins (Director: Tate in Space), Dr Andrew Coates (Space Scientist, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London), Sarah Wigglesworth (architect) and Jemima Rellie (Director of Digital programmes, Tate).

First place in the competition went to StudioCousins, and second place to David Rickard.
To view their entries and the full listing of finalists and commendations please click here.

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ETALAB - Extra-Terrestrial Architecture Laboratory

Extra-Terrestrial Architecture Laboratory (ETALAB) is an innovative architectural office specialising in the design and implementation of real and virtual high-technology environments.
ETALAB believes in the rational application of new materials and technologies. Through a rigorous and creative design process we seek to infuse each project with meaningful and memorable spatial experiences. Pushing existing boundaries and offering more than the sum of the parts must be our aspiration for new architecture in the 21st century. In tandem, the programme, cost, environmental sustainability, energy consciousness and user requirements of every project are seen as a source of inspiration.
ETALAB was founded by Opher Elia-Shaul and Danielle Tinero and is based in London and New York.
Computer renderings in collaboration with Virtual Artworks, interactive model in collaboration with Terraswarm.

click here to see ETALAB's scheme for Tate in Space.

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Softroom is an architecture studio based in Soho, London. The company was founded in 1995 by Chris Bagot, Dan Evans and Oliver Salway. In addition to a growing portfolio of original built projects, Softroom are at the leading edge of developments to expand the scope of architecture into other cultural spheres. Softroom are developing designs for Space Island, a proposal to build the first commercial space station in earth orbit, scheduled to begin construction this decade.

click here to see Softroom's model for Tate in Space.

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Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Sarah Wigglesworth is principal of Sarah Wigglesworth Architects. The practice is interested in making buildings which employ readily available materials in a highly inventive way and the best known demonstration of this approach is the award-winning Straw Bale House and Quilted Office in north London. The practice recently completed the Clearwater Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show and is currently working on a 'classroom of the future' (on which she is collaborating with artist Susan Collins) and arts and housing projects. In 1998 Sarah was named by the Sunday Times ‘Hot 100’ poll as one of three British architects most likely to make an impact on their field within the next ten years. She has been published and exhibited internationally and has lectured world wide.

click here to see Sarah Wigglesworth's model for Tate in Space.

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Architectural Models

Models for most of the designs exist in pdf plan form and can be downloaded and assembled at home.

click here to download and build a range of Tate in Space Architectural Models

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