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Tate in Space

Tate Space Island

A radical new location
for collection, curation
and display.

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Tate Space Island model
Softroom © 2002

"In order to fulfil their mission to extend access to British and International modern and contemporary art, the Tate Trustees have been considering for some time how they could find new dimensions to Tate's work. They have therefore determined that the next Tate site should be in space. At this stage a number of practical aspects of the project are being tested and an early pre-opening programme is being taken forward. This will clearly continue the Tate tradition of innovation and exploration, and provide a radical new location for the display of the Collection and for educational projects. We are very pleased to announce the launch online of our Tate in Space programme."

Sandy Nairne
Former Director of National Programmes Tate, 2002

Floating Worlds

"Is it true that the project has the sanction of Tate's Trustees? Have they determined that the next Tate should be in space? And has the artist Susan Collins actually been taken on as director of the organisation's online programme?

Tate in Space touches on matters to do with access and social inclusion, interpretation and the search for intellectual and moral authenticity…"

Excerpt from essay Floating Worlds by Paul Bonaventura, June 2002


Currently the Tate in Space programme exists primarily in two forms.
Tate Satellite - occupying a pilot orbit for research and development purposes - and online through the Tate in Space website.

The development work is ongoing, a collaboration between architects, engineers, space scientists, artists, Tate curators, conservators and art handlers.






Sarah Wigglesworth's model of Tate in Space

Detail from Tate in Space model
Sarah Wigglesworth © 2002


Exterior of Tate in Space proposal

Exterior of Tate in Space proposal
Virtual Artworks and ETALAB © 2002



At this stage of the pre-opening programme, the Tate in Space website is the key route through which members of the public can engage directly with the development of the new Tate; witness the architectural process; follow the Tate Satellite currently orbiting earth every 92.56 minutes, and contribute directly to the process through feedback and discussion.


Central to the programme is an exploration of the ways in which Tate in Space can extend the visitor experience and engage existing and new audiences in a broad range of spatial experience.

Susan Collins
Director: Tate in Space (Online Programme)