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How much will Tate in Space cost to build?

The cost of building Tate in Space is a fundamental part of the research and development process. The final design for the new Tate will determine its eventual cost. To put a satellite similar to Tate Satellite into orbit costs in the region of £600,000 - the cost of a house in some parts of London.

Tate in Space - Project Team

Susan Collins, Director: Tate in Space (Online Programme)
Tate in Space would particularly like to thank Dr Andrew Coates and Caitriona Jackman of the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London; Dr Simon Schofield for computer programming and technical support; ETALAB, Softroom and Sarah Wigglesworth Architects; Eduardo Kac; BT Openworld; Slade Centre for Electronic Media, University College London and the Tate Online team.