Catalogue entry

Sir Thomas Monnington 1902-1976

T00924 Square Design 1966

Not inscribed.
Canvas, 36¼ x 36¿ (92 x 93).
Chantrey Purchase from the artist 1967.
Exh: R. A., 1967 (1400).
Repr: R. A. Illustrated, 1967, p. 5.

The artist wrote (12 June 1968): ‘This painting is a direct descendant from my ceiling painting in the Council House, Bristol, done about ten years ago, which was my first departure from purely representational painting. Since then I have been increasingly interested in equilateral rectangles (squares) and rectangles derived from square roots. These two-dimensional mathematical relationships suggest to me dimensions in depth, and provide a discipline which at the present time I find as necessary and interesting as that imposed previously in representational painting.’

Published in The Tate Gallery Report 1967–1968, London 1968.