Cindy Sherman, ‘Untitled A’ 1975
Cindy Sherman
Untitled A 1975
© Cindy Sherman

What do you think about Cindy Sherman's work?

GIRL TALK looks at female artists through artworks and quotes from the artists themselves, their friends, other people in the art world and kids just like you!

Cindy Sherman, the artist, comments on her work:

'I think it’s more funny than scary'

Betsy Berne talks about her friend Cindy Sherman:

'Cindy and I first met years ago at a boxing gym, and when I asked our teacher, Carlos Ferrer, to describe her boxing style, he said without hesitation: "Fast and aggressive". In the ring, she reminds me of a pit bull terrier. When it comes to her work, she’s just as tenacious and ambitious'

Beth, school girl aged 10 from London, on Cindy Sherman’s work:

'It looks like me when I dress up in my Mum’s clothes'