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Top 5 Pancakes

Tuck into the top 5 pancake related artworks in Tate's collection

1. Frying pan

Louisa Matthiasdottir, ‘Still Life with Frying Pan and Red Cabbage’ 1979
Louisa Matthiasdottir
Still Life with Frying Pan and Red Cabbage 1979
© The estate of Louisa Matthiasdottir

To make the perfect pancake you need to start with good equipment. Grab your frying pan and let’s get cracking!

This painting looks a bit fragile with everything supporting each other, as if they might fall at any moment! Watch out! How would you place objects around you to make them look as if they are falling over?

2. Milk

Nigel Henderson, ‘Photograph of a photogram of a milk bottle’ 1949–51
Nigel Henderson
Photograph of a photogram of a milk bottle 1949–51
Tate Archive
© Nigel Henderson Estate

Milk makes your pancakes nice and fluffy! This photograph was made by Nigel Henderson. Could you take a picture of all your ingredients in an interesting or weird way?

3. As flat as a pancake

Cornelia Parker, ‘Thirty Pieces of Silver’ 1988–9
Cornelia Parker
Thirty Pieces of Silver 1988–9
© Cornelia Parker

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘as flat as pancake’?

The artist Cornelia Parker took this quite literally with her artwork and ran over lots of silver objects with a bulldozer! What would happen if you squashed everything in your room?

4. Hungry yet?

Julian Trevelyan, ‘Hungry People’ 1936–72
Julian Trevelyan
Hungry People 1936–72
© The estate of Julian Trevelyan

Yes! We are starving! This abstract painting by Julian Trevelyan shows some very hungry people. Can you make them out? Maybe try to draw your family looking really hungry on one of the Tate Kids games?

5. Flip it!

Jack Bush, ‘White Flip’ 1974
Jack Bush
White Flip 1974
© DACS 2021

Just before you put all your lovely extra ingredients on the pancake make sure you flip it for luck! 1, 2, 3…!

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