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Top 5 Rainbows

To inspire you rainbow makers, here is a selection of works that show how artists have worked with the colours found in the rainbow and the spectrum

1. Rainbow and moon

Patrick Hughes
Over the Moon (1978)

Can a rainbow even exist in moonlight? In this beautiful print, it certainly can!

2. Rainbow wall

Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing #1136, 2004, © The estate of Sol LeWitt

The colours here don’t follow the usual order of the spectrum, but we still think this qualifies as the perfect rainbow wall!

3. Rainbow and windmill

Joseph Mallord William Turner
Arundel Castle on the River Arun, with a Rainbow (c.1824–5)

This paler rainbow was made almost 200 years ago using watercolour. Notice the reflection of the rainbow in the water.

4. Rainbows in paradise

Jens Lausen
Map No. II Paradise (1969)

This colourful piece on paper was made using a technique called screen printing.

5. Just a rainbow

The artist who made this piece, Norman Adams, was very interested rainbows, making at least 15 paintings featuring them!

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