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Top 5 Sports

We’ve picked some of our favourite artworks about the great outdoor games of spring and summer

1. Basketball

Howard Kanovitz, ‘Basketball Pinboard’ 1969
Howard Kanovitz
Basketball Pinboard 1969
© DACS, 2021

The artist here uses a collage technique to make his artwork. Maybe you could take pictures of you and your friends playing sports this summer and make a collage of your own.

2. Cricket

John Robertson Reid, ‘A Country Cricket Match’ 1878
John Robertson Reid
A Country Cricket Match 1878

Local gentry, milkmaids and shepherds. They are wearing some very fancy outfits to get messy in! I think we’ll stick to shorts and trainers.

3. Badminton

William Roberts, ‘Study for ‘Shuttlecocks’’ c.1934
William Roberts
Study for ‘Shuttlecocks’ c.1934
© The estate of William Roberts

That’s a lot of people playing in a small space! I wonder how long they can keep bouncing the shuttlecocks off their rackets for?


William Roberts, ‘Study for ‘Boule Players at Etretat’’ 1976
William Roberts
Study for ‘Boule Players at Etretat’ 1976
© The estate of William Roberts

These French men look like they are concentrating really hard on the game. Notice the grid lines on the artwork; I wonder if the artist drew them before or after he drew the scene?

5. Tennis

Lucien Pissarro, ‘Contentment’ 1890
Lucien Pissarro
Contentment 1890

Quick! Is she going to make it!? This piece is called Contentment. I think that perfectly describes what it feels like playing tennis on a warm afternoon in the park. Do you agree? Or is there a better word to describe this painting?

What is your favourite summer sport? Next time you see someone playing a sport maybe try to draw or paint them. Could you even make an artwork out of playing a game or some tennis rackets and basketballs?

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