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Who is Bhajan Hunjan?

Explore the childhood, artwork and activism of artist Bhajan Hunjan

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What inspired Bhajan to become an artist?

Bhajan Hunjan grew up in the town of Nanyuki, Kenya. She was surrounded by people who used the materials around them in creative ways. Her mother and grandmothers spent time sewing, embroidering and gardening. Her father ran a hardware shop, full of different tools! Bhajan would often create things with her family, continuing to use materials from her childhood even as an adult – they reminded her of home.

What materials do you have around you? What makes you think of home?

Photograph of Bhajan Hunjan with her installation 'Color Dialogues' © Bhajan Hunjan

One of Bhajan’s earliest memories is moulding a small pot from the soil of the garden. Playing with clay alongside her mum, Bhajan says she felt peaceful and 'like time was standing still.'

Do you ever ever lose track of time when you're making something? How do you feel when you make art?

After moving to the UK to study art, Bhajan built community with her new friends, putting on exhibitions together and celebrating each other’s work. She now runs art workshops where she helps others to find their own creativity!

Could you produce an exhibition or workshop of your own, inspired by Bhajan Hunjan?

How could you encourage others to make their own art?

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