What you need

  • A phone or a camera
  • Some friends or family to do the challenge with you
  • Somewhere to take photos. This can be your inside your home, or around your local area

Inspiration for your challenge

Nigel Henderson was a photographer. Looking through his camera, the places around him became backdrops and frames for portraits of people. Photographers use frames to tell us where to look and what’s important in a photo.

What frames can you spot here in Nigel Henderson's photos?

What’s around you on your walk? What can you use to frame your photo?

Girls look down from a first floor window of a brick house, with washing lines in front of them

Nigel Henderson, Photograph of three unidentified children looking out of a window, c.1949–c.1956
© Nigel Henderson Estate

The view from a car looking through the windscreen toward News of the World Building in London

Nigel Henderson, Photograph of a road with traffic taken from inside a car, 1949–54
© Nigel Henderson Estate

Two heads looking away, seen through a mottled glass window of pub, from the outside looking in

Nigel Henderson, Photograph of two heads through a pub window, 1949–54
© Nigel Henderson Estate