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Print and play this memory game inspired by the animals, food and plants in Pierre Bonnard's colourful world

Bonnard Breakfast memory game

Pierre Bonnard thought a lot about memory and colour. Bonnard was born in 1867 and was a French artist.

He wanted his painting to be little windows into his life. He mainly painted domestic scenes, this means scenes that are in the home and show normal life in his kitchen, bathroom and garden.

Pierre Bonnard
Coffee (1915)

Bonnard didn’t just paint what he saw. He painted from memory. He would be inspired by what he saw, he would reflect on it for a while and then paint it later in his studio. A lot of his painting were from memories, and memories can be a bit fuzzy sometimes.

Image of a breakfast drawing inspired by Bonnard

Draw your own Bonnard-inspired breakfast. Photo credit: Alex Wojcik

Try this: Think about what you had for breakfast this morning. Did you eat it at the kitchen table, while on the bus, while walking to school? Take a picture of that moment in your head. Think about the colours of that image. Are they bright or dull colours? Does one colour stand out? How were you feeling when you ate your breakfast this morning? Try and draw a picture of that moment. You could even draw the memory of your breakfast on a paper plate.

Play Bonnard's Breakfast Memory Game

Now you know a little bit about Bonnard, it's time to play a matching memory game. Choose to find breakfast for Bonnard or his pets!

How to play

  • This is a 2 player game. Find a friend or family member. This game is good to play with a younger brother or sister
  • Print out the 4 pages in colour. We recommend printing on card so you can play again and again
  • Take your time to colour in the shopping list
  • Cut out the shopping list and the cards. Be careful with those scissors!
  • Each player should have a board and a shopping list. There is a red team and a blue team
  • Turn all the little cards over and mix them up
  • Read your shopping list to see what you are looking for
  • Take turns to turn over the cards and match them with your shopping list
  • When you find a match find them on your board
  • Once you have filled your board with all your breakfast items you have won! Congrats! Looks like a tasty breakfast!

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