Make a Queen Elizabeth I Mask

Behave like royalty! Download, cut out and colour in this Queen Elizabeth I mask

The Inspiration

William Blake, ‘Queen Elizabeth and Essex (after Henry Fuseli)’ 1797, published 1798
William Blake
Queen Elizabeth and Essex (after Henry Fuseli) 1797, published 1798

In many portraits Queen Elizabeth I is shown wearing a dress studded with pearls and precious stones. In Tudor times only the richest people had their portraits painted. The portraits were used to show off how important and powerful they were. The amazing dresses were made just for the portraits. They would not have worn them at any other time.

The dresses were made of silks, lace, gold braid and other very expensive materials and were often covered with real jewels and gems such as pearls, rubies and diamonds. WOW!!

  • 2 x A4 sheets of 160gsm card (thin card suitable for use in a printer)
  • Colour pencils or crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Stapler
  • Elastic, ribbon or string
  • Sticky tape
  • Pea cane or a stick
  • If you have them: sequins, stars, fake fur, wool
Mask template face
Mask template 2

Download the mask design to your computer. Print out both sheets of the mask design on to 160gsm card.

Download activity

Kids in Elizabeth I masks

Kids in Elizabeth I masks © Tate

  • Colour in with pencils or crayons. Look closely at the painting of Queen Elizabeth I for more ideas.
  • Cut out along the lines marked with a scissor symbol.
  • Decorate with sequins and stars for jewels. You could also use wool or fake fur for Elizabeth’s hair!
  • Staple the elastic, ribbon or string on to the sides of the mask where you see the ‘o’
  • Tape the stick or pea cane into place on the back or your mask’s chin
  • Now, I wonder what your character will say?

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