Paint and draw

Make Geometry Art

Create a geometric pencil drawing inspired by Nabil Nahas

You will need

  • Paper
  • Something to draw with
  • A ruler or something else with which you can make a straight line – like a book, a piece of card or a small box


Nabil Nahas
Eclypse (1978)

Geometry is a type of mathematics that is about shapes. For this drawing you don’t have to draw any particular shape but you could try drawing lots of different ones, or layering many of the same shape. You could do a whole drawing of triangles, or squares. Can you try and make different types of triangles?

Nabil Nahas has made this drawing using paint. He has drawn many straight lines. The shapes look as though they are linking up in mid air and making a pattern. Can you make your shapes intersect and link up like a paper chain?

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