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Make Pop Art like Warhol

Design your own piece of pop art inspired by this famous artist

andy warhol sitting on a banana

Illustrations by Rose Blake are from Meet the Artist: Andy Warhol published by Tate

Andy Warhol took what we thought we knew about art and turned it on its head. His work makes us ask questions like:

  • What is art?
  • Who can be an artist?

Andy Warhol
Marilyn Monroe (1983)
ARTIST ROOMS Tate and National Galleries of Scotland

In the 1960s Andy Warhol became known as one of the leading artists of the pop art movement.

Pop artists felt that art should reflect modern life and so they made art inspired by the world around them – from movies, advertising and pop music to comic books and even product packaging.

Design your own soup can

Warhol was famous for exploring everyday and familiar objects in his work, using brands such as Coca-Cola, Brillo and Campbell’s Soup.

He liked the idea of taking ordinary things, for example cereal or bananas, and turning them into art.

He did this with his famous print of a tomato soup can. He also made a print of every type of soup that Campbell's made! Including the one above, Black Bean.

Andy Warhol eating soup - illustration by Rose Blake

Have a go at designing your own! It can be a real soup flavour or an imaginary one!

things to think about

  • What ingredients will go in your soup? How does it taste?
  • What will it be called?
  • Should the can be bright and bold or cool and dark?
  • How would it look in the supermarket?

Have a look below at some of the other pop art food and drink that Warhol created.

Warhol illustration by Rose Blake

Warhol was very ill as a child, so he spent lots of time in bed. To cheer himself up he read comics and magazines about his favourite characters and movie stars.

One of his most famous screenprints is of the Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. He made lots of prints of her in different colours including this one called Marilyn Diptych. A diptych is when two canvases side by side are part of the same artwork.

Make a selfie artwork

Have a go at making your own artwork like Warhol's. You can be the celebrity!

You will need:

  • a smartphone or a digital camera
  • a printer
  • 6 coloured pens or pencils
  • paper
Warhol illustration by Rose Blake - Warhol printing off his selfie

1. Take a selfie and print it out six times in black and white

Warhol illustration - Warhol colouring in his selfies

2. On each selfie use just two colouring pencils to colour in your hair, face and eyes

Warhol has a look at his selfie diptych

3. Once each selfie is coloured in, cut it out and then stick them on a sheet of paper side by side

Warhol holds up his selfie

How do you look in each selfie now? Which do you like best?

Meet the Artist: Andy Warhol is illustrated by Rose Blake. Available from Tate Shops. Please visit the Tate website with an adult.

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