Paint and draw

Make a Spin Painting

Spin paint to create art inspired by the artist Damien Hirst!

GIF for spin painting

Damien Hirst is a famous British artist. This is one of his Spin paintings. To make them he stands on a ladder and pours paint onto a large circular canvas. As he pours the paint, the canvas is rotated by a machine – like a disc on a record player!

This creates these fantastic splats! Don't they look fun to make? Each one is kind of like an optical illusion experiment.

Let's have a go!

You will need

Photo of diluted poster paint and pipette
  • A pipette or straw

  • Diluted poster paint - three colours works well!

  • Scissors

  • A small paper plate or plain A4 paper

a salad spinner
  • A salad spinner

Ready? Let's go!

Photograph of a small paper plate

1. Cut out a circle from a piece of paper or get your paper plate

Photo of paper plate inside a salad spinner

2. Put the Paper circle inside the salad spinner

Photograph of materials required

3. Drip some paint on to the paper with a pipette or straw

Photograph of materials needed

4. Close the lid and spin the salad spinner

Photograph of materials required

5. All done. Have a look ...WOW! Beautiful!

which colours will you try next?

This activity was made in collaboration with OKIDO.

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