Make Art With Your Body in Nature

Try out some fun performance activities and take photos inspired by surreal artist Claude Cahun!

You'll need:

  • Your body
  • Camera (you can use your phone, or a camera and tripod)
  • Nature - try out a garden, park or other space you like!
  • A friend, carer or parent to help you take a picture

What you will be doing:

In Activity 1 (1.05) you will explore making body shapes and gestures in nature, in Activity 2 (2.19) you will be looking at doubles and reflections to create a mirror image portrait, and in Activity 3 (3.24) you will use landscape as camouflage and introduce costume into your pictures

A note

We want to make sure you look after the environment! Please leave any natural spaces as you found them and be careful not to damage any plant life while you're doing the activity

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