Use Your Body to Make Art

Stretch out, warm up and take part in two performances with artist Harold Offeh

What you need

  • Your body
  • A camera or a phone with a camera
  • Any sized black or white paper
  • Flour
  • A spice like turmeric or cinnamon
  • Cellotape or masking tape
  • Vaseline or cocoa butter

What you will be doing

In Performance 1, you will learn how to use your body to make shapes, inspired by the artists Valie Export and Carey Young. To go straight to Performance 1 - skip to 2:34. In Performance 2, you will use parts of your body to make prints, taking inspiration from the artist David Hammons. To go straight to Performance 2 - skip to 12:54.

Artists included in the video

Carey Young, David Hammons and Valie Export are all included in this video.

A note to teachers

Watching this video your students will learn about different techniques to make art. They will make a creative response drawing on their surroundings, and understand the concept of performance art. Taking inspiration from famous artists they will develop a range of ideas and experiment by using their bodies to make shapes. They will also learn about printmaking and expressive mark-making using unusual materials.

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