Elsie Few



Oil paint on wood
Support: 305 x 356 mm
Purchased 1981

Catalogue entry

T03285 BRADFIELDS 1947

Inscribed ‘Few 47’ bottom left and ‘Few’ bottom centre (added later)
Oil on plywood, 12 × 14 (30.4 × 35.6)
Purchased from the Annexe Gallery (Grant-in-Aid) 1981
Prov: Crispin Rogers
Exh: Elsie Few, Annexe Gallery, November–December 1980 (14)

This is a view near Bradfields Farm where Elsie Few and her husband Claude Rogers stayed briefly at this time as guests of Dr Portia Holman. The house, then owned by Lady Vera Meynell, is a mile from the Essex village of Toppesfield. Claude Rogers himself painted a landscape of ‘Clover Fields near Toppesfield Church’, presumably at more or less the same time, which was shown in his exhibition at the Leicester Galleries in June 1947. The house later belonged to Michael and Elizabeth Ayrton, and Mrs Ayrton writes that the painting is of the long drive, which ran down from the house to the lane. The name of the house was subsequently changed from Bradfields Farm to Bradfields.

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1980-82: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1984