Welcome to Tate Modern

Scroll down to see what there is to do at Tate Modern for families. We have free family activities and events all year round. Explore the galleries and take a break in one of our cafés.

Entry to Tate Modern is free for everyone with a charge for special exhibitions, with under 12s getting into exhibitions for free.

We are ready for you and your kids. Our cloakroom has free buggy parking on Level 0, Boiler House. You can breastfeed wherever you feel comfortable, for privacy head to the baby-changing facilities which are also located on the Level 0, Boiler House. Complete your trip to the Turbine Hall shop to pick up pocket money gifts.

If you visit Tate Modern at the weekends or during school holidays, our Family Visitor Host are here to help with any queries or questions your family might have.

Family hosts

Family hosts in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern. Photo credit: James Medcraft

Where to Start

Get Exploring

Activity packs and trails

​© Lucy Dawkins, Tate Photography 2016

​© Lucy Dawkins, Tate Photography 2016

Pick up a collection case for free in the Clore Welcome Room on Level 0, Boiler House.

The case includes curious objects and words to encourage exploring with your family. Carry it around the gallery and see what you can find. The collection case has been inspired by Materials and Objects on Level 4.

Go on a sound journey

Get out your mobile phone or tablet and check out these Sonic Trails.

Click play and go on a sound journey through the gallery. Experiment, slow down and explore with others.

Listen to the sound of silk worms eating mulberry leaves and fibres being spun on a spindle. Take this Sonic Trail with you as you explore the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. Think about how the vast swathes of textiles were made and their links to science, history and culture.

Experience walking through a working power station, Trace explores Tate Modern’s former and current life. This Sonic Trail, by Caleb Madden, shows us the vastness of the building and the scale of the artworks within.

Games to play in the gallery

Families in the Turbine Hall

Families in the Turbine Hall © Tate

You don’t need to be an expert to look at or talk about art. Don’t feel you have to ‘get it’ to enjoy it – take whatever you like from a piece.

You and your family can try these activities in any of the galleries. Remember it's ok to talk at Tate! It's ok to make some noise!

Strike a pose

Get your child to secretly choose an artwork with a person in it. Once they have looked carefully at the pose, find a space in the room and encourage them to try to recreate the pose. The rest of the group can then try and spot the artwork the pose came from

Give us a clue

Encourage your child to find a portrait in the gallery that reminds them of someone in your group; someone famous; someone you all know (perhaps a neighbour or a friend). With the help of clues, the rest of the group can guess the chosen person

See it from their perspective

Get down to your child’s height and see what they see. The change in eye-level might make you think and feel differently

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