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Last updated 20 September 2022

Visiting FAQs

For booking related questions, go to the booking and ticketing FAQs.

For Membership related questions, go to Membership FAQs.

For information about health and safety, find out how we are keeping you safe.

Transforming Tate Liverpool

Information about the temporary closure and redevelopment of Tate Liverpool's building

General FAQs

General information about art and artists

Tate can help answer queries about works in the collection but we are not in a position to give general information about art and artists.

If you haven't found the answer to your query, check our other FAQ pages or contact us at

Other FAQs

Other key areas of information

  • About Us

    Find out about Tate including the history of our directors, buildings, our staff structure, how to work at Tate and the breakdown of our departments including collection, conservation, learning and research

  • Access to Information

    Find out how we can help when seeking information about Tate