Duncan Grant
James Strachey (1910)

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Information about the values and principles that guide research at Tate

For matters of research integrity or for more information, please contact the Head of Research by emailing research@tate.org.uk. Our Code of Good Practice in Research can also be downloaded as a pdf here.

Information for general interest, studies or research

Please visit Art & Artists. We are unable to send out information on artists or works in our collection. All the information we have available is published online or available in the Library and Archive.

Visiting the Library and Archive

The Library and Archive are free for all to use but require registration. Details on the Reading Rooms are available here, or email the Reading Rooms directly.

Viewing items in the collection on display

Please visit Art & Artists or Collection information to find out which gallery and room the work is displayed in.

Viewing items in the collection not on display

Please visit Art & Artists or Collection information to find out if the work is on loan or in storage. Works on loan can be visited at the host institution. Visits to view works in storage may be possible. Please email the Collection Care Administration Team.

Visiting the Prints and Drawings Rooms

Anyone can make appointments to view works in the Prints and Drawings Rooms. Details on the Reading Rooms are available here.

Images of works in the collection

All images are licensed through Tate Images. You need to register a username and login to request the images you want. Tate Images will then process your enquiry.

Submitting at exhibition proposal

Please visit Tate’s frequently asked questions.

Proposing a work of art for acquisition by Tate

Please visit Tate’s frequently asked questions.

Authenticating or valuing a work of art

Tate is unable to authenticate or value works of art owned by private individuals. For advice relating to the identification of works of art, we recommend you contact a reputable art dealer or auction house.

Proposals for a collaborative doctorate partnership project or a collaborative research project with Tate

Please email Research with details, provide contact details and we will respond as soon as possible.

Collaborative doctoral partnership studentships with Tate

Studentships are advertised in the spring each year. More information about Research Studentships at Tate is available here.

Research Fellowships with Tate

Information about current and regular opportunities are listed here. Please also follow @TateResearch on Twitter for news of all upcoming opportunities.

For any other queries, please see the frequently asked questions for Tate as a whole.