Kid's view

Kids Takeover Tate Modern

Find out what 3000 kids think about the new Tate Modern

Discover what kids think about art when they got to take over Tate Modern for a day.

Tate Kids got the chance to interview a class that came to the opening of the new Tate Modern. They were Year 5 and 6 pupils from Ysgol Tudno in Llandudno, Wales.

We got their thoughts on art, the new Tate Modern and their expectations for the opening day a few days before the doors opened...

What do you expect to find at Tate Modern?

Mark: Splat paintings, a graffitied wall and pieces of rubbish turned into something brilliant and creative and beautiful.

Dominik: I expect lots of unusual objects hung from the ceiling.

What’s the best bit about art at school?

Aurelia: The best bit about art in school is that that you can be free and be creative and do art in any style you want.

Lucia: We get to go to the art gallery, be creative and let our mind go wild.

Do you think art is important?

Libby: I think art is important because there are some things that you can’t put into words.

Demi-Lee: Art can change the world, art sends us on an adventure.

Maddison: It can represent people, lives and nature. It makes people let their emotions out.

If you imagined a gallery in the future, what do you think it would look like?

Celia: It would have holographic art and art that children have made.

Maddison: Lots of technology, maybe animals and people as art.

Describe what art means to you in 3 words:

Kacie: Creative, imaginative, inspiring.

Josh: Expression, exciting, confident.

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