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Meet an Illustrator

Ever wondered what an illustrator does? How do characters end up in books and what inspires a person to make them?

Illustrator Chris Haughton makes lots of different things. From books to puppets to rugs to apps. Check out the film above to see how he makes his work and what he thinks about art.

Chris is inspired by cultures from around the world, especially Nepal and India, to make his illustrations. That’s what makes them so bright, colourful, and playful. Howard Hodgkin is another artist inspired by India and used a technique called collage to think about the shapes and colours in landscapes and nature.

Collage is a way of arranging materials and sticking them down to make an artwork. Have you ever made a collage before? Henri Matisse and Tony Cragg are two artists who use collage to make artwork. Be inspired by Chris and other artists at Tate to make your own illustrations and collage creations!

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