Lily van der Stokker New Wintercoat

© Lily van der Stokker

Lily van der Stokker is a Dutch artist based in Amsterdam and New York, whose work was exhibited at Tate St Ives in 2010.

She explores ideas that are usually avoided in art, like being decorative, sentimental or nice. Her style can be quite challenging to people, because there is a set way of thinking about art, and she is doing something which is completely different. Her artworks are often about beauty and love, relationships, family and the everyday.

She designs them on A4 paper using felt tips, highlighters and pencil crayons, and then paints them directly onto the gallery walls.

She creates large wall drawings in pastel or luminous colours and often includes pieces of furniture and rugs in the same colours. She also includes short sentences that sound like things that might just cross your mind – like needing to buy a winter coat but worrying that your size might have run out.

In the beautiful location of St Ives, these pieces look wonderful! The sun coming through the big, curved windows makes the colours seem their brightest. They look like dolly mixtures – good enough to eat!

Kids drawing of a tree with flowers and love hearts around it

These pictures were drawn by kids who were inspired by Lily's paintings. Do you think they put across the same fun, colourful and delicious feeling?