Make a Light Lab

Experiment with colours and shapes using glass jars, coloured water and torches

The Idea

Keiko Mukaide Light of the North Installation at Tate St Ives 2006 Dichroic glass on panels, beehive lighthouse lens 239 x 1677.5 cm

Keiko Mukaide Light of the North installation at Tate © Keiko Mukaide Photo: Tate

Keiko Mukaide is a Japanese-born artist who lives and works in Scotland. She creates small glass sculptures and large glass installations.

She created the Light of the North Installation using shards of dichroic glass lit by a beehive lighthouse lens. Dichroic glass is glass that has two colours.

What you need

Kids with light lab

Kids with their Light Lab © Tate

  • Three glass jars – each filled with coloured water – one blue, one red and one yellow. Use food colouring or paint to colour the water
  • Two or more torches
  • A large a piece of white card (as large as possible)
  • Crayons, coloured pencils, pastels

See it!

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