Paint and Draw

Graffiti Doodle

Be inspired by Paula Rego and tell a story through doodles and collage

The Idea

Paula Rego, ‘The Firemen of Alijo’ 1966
Paula Rego
The Firemen of Alijo 1966
© Paula Rego

Paula Rego often expressed strange, even nightmarish, interpretations of life in her art. Her earlier collage work, in particular, often included a variety of different images telling different stories of life going on around her. She once said that she was inspired by a range of subjects including songs, nightmares, newspaper stories and sights in the street.

You are going to make a collage that can tell a story about something which is happening in the world today. You will be able to reflect your own feelings about the story through your work. You may already know which story you would like to work with but if not get today's newspaper and cut out stories that catch your eye.

  • Old newspapers, scrap paper or magazines
  • Glue and scissors
  • Pencils or pens
  • Paints and brushes if you have them
  • Before you start think carefully about the current news story that you would like to work with. Choose something you are really interested in or feel strongly about. Think about what your want your art to say.
  • Spend some time looking for images that will express your ideas well and think about how you can place them on the page or mix them up to create a powerful visual effect.
  • You can use words too so decide if you will cut them out, write or paint them or use a mixture of all three.
  • Create your collage.
  • Let your imagination run wild. Try cutting pictures of people in half and make them half-animal, half-human. Could you include a cartoon character or give someone a giant nose or three eyes?
  • Which sorts of animals would work well with your ideas?
  • Try giving some of your creatures wings so that they can fly.
  • Try thinking of words you could include in your work – for example, what pop song could you include and why?
  • How can you connect your images so that they seem to fly across the paper in a rush of movement and colour?

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