Intermedia Art

New Media, Sound and Performance


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Screening Circle, Andy Deck
Text by Alison Colman on Andy Deck’s Screening Circle, as he explores the theme of collaborative creativity, through the metaphor of the quilting bee.
Young-Hae Chang
Text by Mark Tribe, commenting on the work of Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries and their commission for Tate, The Art of Sleep
Matthew Fuller explores the emergence of Net Art.
Text by Johan Pijnappel on the latest net art piece from Shilpa Gupta, in which she uses the medium to reflect on and intervene in activities and issues affecting global society.
Graham Harwood
Text by Matthew Fuller on Graham Harwood’s butchering of Tate's website
Public Record, Ultra-red
Sadie Plant introduces work by Gustav Metzger, Ultra-red and Heath Bunting. Reviewing art and its social context.
Battle of Algiers, Marc Lafia
Daniel Coffeen discusses Marc Lafia's and Fang-Yu Lin's The Battle of Algiers and the new context of non-linear cinema.
Text by Paul Bonaventura examining the role fiction has played in Susan Collins’s work.
Josephine Berry discusses the emergence of Net Art.


Text by Bénédicte Ramade on the work of Qubo Gas exploring themes of hybridization, ambidexterity, calligraphy, adventure and landscape.
Charlie Gere explores the relationship between Net Art and the cultural institutions.
Microfall, Christof Migone 1992
Helen Thorington explores new contexts for sound and radio practice. An introduction to Radio Art works by Christof Migone and Sarah Washington.
Point of Entry, Heath Bunting
Florian Schneider discusses Heath Bunting'sBorderXing Guide as an art project embodying a carefully calculated politics of public relations.
Text by Lev Manovich on Golan Levin’s ‘social data browser’ The Dumpster in which he (with Kamal Nigam and Jonathan Feinberg) manipulates portraiture, documentary, and new-media genres such as visualisation and database art.
Noplace, MW2MW
Text by Charlie Gere, in response to Net Art commission, Noplace by Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg
Le Match des couleur, Simon Paterson
Matthew Fuller comments on the work Le Match des couleurs by Simon Patterson, as an example of his ongoing Color Match series.
X-Mission by Ursula Biemann 2008
X-Mission is a piece of video research on the extra-territorial status of Palestinian camps and the refugees who inhabit them.
Under Scan camera tracking
Archaeologist, Michael Shanks, discusses public space and the world wide web as theatres of encounter

18  Entries