Deutsche Bank: International Arts Partnership

Deutsche Bank and Tate’s partnership is one that is based on exchange and shared curatorial interests

David Annesley
Swing Low (1964)

In addition to a long-standing corporate membership, Deutsche Bank has partnered with Tate since 2013, supporting exhibitions at Tate Modern with a focus on art from Africa and Asia:

Following their time at Tate Modern, each of these exhibitions then toured to the previously known Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in Berlin.

In 2019 Tate and Deutsche Bank launched Objects of Wonder: British Sculpture 1950s to Present at Deutsche Bank’s PalaisPopulaire, an exhibition conceived in partnership between our two organisations, taking advantage of the new galleries to display works from Tate’s collection in Berlin.

Comprising around 70 masterpieces, Objects of Wonder displayed how British artists have revolutionized contemporary sculpture since the middle of the twentieth century. The spectrum ranged from icons of post-war Modernism like Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, to stars of the Young British Artists generation including Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin.

The show, Objects of Wonder is to be understood as a sign of good neighbourliness, indeed kinship. Art lives from international exchange, from mutual inspiration.

Nicola Kuhn Der Tagesspiegel 01.02.2019