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Bloomberg Connects at Tate Modern © Tate Photography

Since the opening of Tate Modern in 2000, Bloomberg Philanthropies has worked with Tate to create pioneering digital projects, initially at Tate Modern, and now across Tate’s online channels. The partnership has positioned the gallery as a leading force in the field of museum interpretation. Bloomberg’s funding has enabled Tate to test pilot projects, try out new technology and deliver art to our audience in a more accessible way.

Throughout Bloomberg and Tate’s long-standing relationship there have been many successful collaborations. These include artist films, multimedia guides, mobile gaming, a screening room and interactive areas throughout the gallery. In 2012, the initiative became collectively known as Bloomberg Connects, a title that Bloomberg has subsequently rolled out across the museum and gallery projects they support worldwide, pioneering the programme as a global brand in digital interpretation.

In 2017, Bloomberg supported the creation of the first Tate App, designed to enable visitors to lead their own journey around the galleries using their smartphones. Utilising geo-location technology, the app followed the users as they move around the gallery and provides a more bespoke, behind-the-scenes experience than a traditional museum audio-guide.

More recently, Bloomberg Connects has encompassed four strands:

  • TateShots,
    • an online series of short films which has now received over 8.3 million views
  • Immersive ‘Explore’ spaces in Tate Modern’s Blavatnik Building
    • providing information about the displays as part of an interactive experience
  • The Timeline of Modern Art and the Digital Drawing Bar
    • both of which allow visitors of all ages to learn about art through digital touchscreen interaction.

To date, over 14 million visitors have engaged with Bloomberg Connects at Tate, a hugely successful and developing legacy of this partnership.

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