photograph of Stephen Wingfield in front of John Cecil Stephenson’s Painting 1937

Stephen is photographed in front of John Cecil Stephenson’s Painting 1937

Stephen Wingfield


Oversees the departments of Finance and Estates.


• 2015–present Director, Finance and Estates, Tate

• 2012–2015 Finance Director, Tate

• 1997–2012 Various Finance roles, Tate

Pre 1997 worked in various roles in the Internal Audit Department of the Rank Group PLC (Rank Organisation) where he trained and qualified as an accountant.
Stephen Wingfield is Director of Finance and Estates, a role he has held since 2015. He and his colleagues oversee the delivery of Finance, Capital projects, Procurement, Estates, and Safety services across Tate. Stephen’s responsibilities include the management of all Tate’s expenditure and income, ensuring public money and donations are used in a responsible and sustainable way, and the construction and maintenance of Tate’s buildings at six sites. The role also includes working closely with Tate’s partners to deliver facilities management, safety and security and housekeeping services.

In his time at Tate, Stephen has played a major role in delivering a number of significant capital projects, including the Tate Britain Millbank project, the recent redevelopment and expansion of Tate St Ives, and especially the new Tate Modern. Originally involved with the financing, tax and cash flow on these projects, his role expanded to play a central role in the buildings’ construction, management and the business cases for operating them.