Photograph of people looking at a sculpture

Liverpool Biennial 2016. Lara Favaretto, Momentary Monument – The Stone 2016. Photo: Mark McNulty

Plus Tate aims to support the development of the visual arts across the UK, by fostering a climate where exchange and partnership can flourish. Joining together to exchange ideas, knowledge, skills and resources, as well as programmes and collections, the Plus Tate partners, facilitated by Tate, enable more audiences to engage with modern and contemporary art across major cities and rural communities.

Plus Tate now comprises thirty five cultural institutions including Tate. Through this network, Tate contributes its resources to a dynamic group of organisations committed to working with contemporary art and artists and audiences in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The partners share a common ambition: to inspire people about art. All are committed to expanding participation in the visual arts and to collaboration and exchange with the network as a whole.

UK map of Plus Tate partners

The research published in the following report reveals the huge regenerative and economic benefits of this group of organisations, just prior to its expansion in 2015.

Plus Tate: Connecting art to people and places [PDF, 6 MB]

Six Plus Tate partners were part of the Circuit Programme connecting young people and galleries.

Download the Plus Tate Learning Programme


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