The knowledge generated during Cleaning Modern Oil Paints (CMOP) is disseminated through conferences, publications in peer-reviewed journals, research posters and articles aimed at practicing conservators, conservation students and heritage scientists.

A list of all the project-related publications will be kept up-to-date and regularly published on this website. Click on the links below to access the full article or abstract.



  • van den Berg, K.J., Bonaduce, I., Burnstock, A., Ormsby, B. et al.. Cleaning Modern Oil Paints, Springer, New York. (Forthcoming in 2019).
  • van den Berg, K.J.‘Talens’ Tempera Paints. History, use, chemical aspects’. In “Modern Tempera Oil Paints Conference”, Munich, 15 March 2018. (In preparation).
  • Phenix, A., and Graczyk, A. ‘Mapping the non-ideal: reflections on graphical representation of solubility parameters as a tool in conservation practice.’ Postprints of the Paintings Specialty Group session, American Institute for Conservation meeting 2014, San Francisco (Vol.27). Buckley, B. (Ed.), American Institute for Conservation. (In press).

Created in April 2017. Last revised in September 2018.