Intermedia Art

The Intermedia Art programme ran 2008–10. The Intermedia Art pages also contain the archive of Tate’s net art projects from 2000 onwards.

The programme focused on art that engaged the use of new media, sound and performance. It presented a selection of artist commissions, events and broadcasts; supported by artist interviews, written articles and discussions that inform or comment on the work and its context.

Artworks were created with newer or older networked and time-based media such as video, radio, computer technologies or the internet. They involved performance or discussion, straddle a variety of media, or even fuse media in the creation of new hybrid, intermedia forms.

The programme also addressed art that commented on the social and political implications of new technology and practices that challenge traditional ideas of the art object; including work that is process-driven, participatory or interactive.

The Intermedia Art programme aimed to support artists’ use of new tools and new methods as well as to expand modes of distribution and display beyond the walls of the gallery.

Project Information

Project type
Digital project
Lead department
Media and Audiences
Project leader
Kelli Dipple, Tate Curator of Intermedia Art (project leader for Tate)