Learning spaces

A new range of facilities will place learning at the heart of the new Tate Modern, reflecting Tate's commitment to increasing public knowledge and understanding of art.

Integrated learning and gallery spaces

Since Tate Modern was built, our audiences have asked for more information and more interactive engagement with art.

The Tate Modern Project gives us the opportunity to integrate high-quality spaces for learning and interpretation with the gallery and performances spaces.

These facilities, interspersed among the gallery spaces, will provide groups and individuals a space for discussion and reflection in view of the galleries, and the opportunity to engage with practical activities and programmes.

Tate Exchange: dedicated learning and research facilities

Tate Exchange will provide a dedicated suite of learning and research spaces for visitors, groups, visual arts professionals and staff across two floors of the new building.

There will be a large interactive study centre, with an open study area at its heart, specifically designed for groups to exchange skills and discuss ideas. There will also be space to view film from the archives. Here visitors will have the opportunity to create and share digital works, and exchange knowledge and ideas with other visitors, students and professionals.

A new studio space will enable groups to make works at scale, developing participants’ understanding of artistic practice and improving critical skills by exploring the diversity of process and materials. A small gallery will be located adjacent to the studio, where these works can be showcased.

Across both floors, there will be a range of flexible workshop, seminar and personal research spaces.

Learning spaces for young people

There will be a dedicated space for Tate’s Young People’s programme. This space will be ‘owned’ and managed by Tate Collective London and will include a flexible lounge area with access to digital resources and the adjacent studio and display spaces. It will be available to all Tate Collective London members.