A Cavalry Battle below a Fortress after 1672 by Jan Wyck

The painting (fig.1) is on linen canvas which has been lined and fixed to a modern stretcher (fig.2).1 There are deformations in the canvas support at the right edge (fig.3), and overall brittle fracture cracking, slightly raised in the bottom left corner area. Examination in ultraviolet light (fig.4) reveals extensive retouching down the left edge, along the top edge at the left side, in the upper right of the sky, and at the lower right edge, with a few damages. The retouching is less extensive in the depicted battle, and mostly it is slightly yellowed and dark.

The surface is varnished.

Detail of the top right corner of the non-original frame

The frame (fig.5) is elaborately moulded, and gilded. It is in good condition but is not contemporary with the painting.

March 2022