Portrait of Mary Hill, Lady Killigrew 1638 by Sir Anthony Van Dyck


Sir Anthony Van Dyck 1599–1641

Portrait of Mary Hill, Lady Killigrew 1738

Oil paint on canvas



Infrared reflectogram of Portrait of Mary Hill, Lady Killigrew 1738

This painting is in oil paint on canvas measuring 1065 x 833 mm (fig.1). The linen canvas is plain woven. The canvas has a double ground, the first application being a thin coat of chalky paint, followed by a substantial layer of opaque pale grey paint, composed of lead white, chalk, black and earth pigments bound together in oil (figs.2–5).1

The portrait was first sketched in with thin brown paint (fig.6). The sky and background were done mainly in one application, wet-in-wet. The greens of the foliage were mixed from: azurite, black, smalt, yellow lake, blue verditer, and lead white. The principal pigment in the orange coloured drapery is realgar.

January 2023