Papers of and relating to Anne Estelle Rice


collection owner: Anne Estelle Rice, ‘Papers of and relating to Anne Estelle Rice’ 1884–1997

Material from this collection available to view online, includes illustrated postcards, sent from Anne Estelle Rice to her young son, David Drey, as well as a cache of beautifully illustrated and colourful costume designs by her for theatre productions, such as Othello, Macbeth and A Twelfth Night dating from the 1930s. These papers provide a valuable insight into the opportunities and challenges faced by a women artist working in the early twentieth century in Paris and then London. Further material from this collection can be searched on the online catalogue, notably early sketchbooks showing her development as a talented draughtswoman, and correspondence with her husband, the theatre critic, Raymond Drey, and influential individuals, such as Katherine Mansfield and J. D. Fergusson.

Collection Owner
Anne Estelle Rice 1877 – 1959
Tate Archive
Eleven sketchbooks purchased from Mrs Gill Drey with the remaining papers donated by Mrs Drey, December 2009.
TGA 200920

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Artwork and source material
This series comprises sketchbooks, loose sketches, drawings and prints, and costume and set designs by Anne Estelle Rice, as well as theatre programmes and magazines, thought to be collected as source material by Anne Estelle Rice. Accompanied by reproductions of her illustrations published in magazines and journals, compiled by Anne Estelle Rice, and then presumably added to after her death by her husband, O. Raymond Drey and their son, David Drey.
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