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Cercle et Carré (Circle and Square)

Cercle et Carré was an artist group formed in Paris in 1929 which strongly supported new developments in abstract art and in particular promoted mystical tendencies within it

Jean Arp (Hans Arp), ‘Constellation According to the Laws of Chance’ c.1930
Jean Arp (Hans Arp)
Constellation According to the Laws of Chance c.1930
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The group was founded by critic and artist Michel Seuphor and artist Joaquín Torres García. They published a periodical of the same name and held a major group exhibition in 1930. This included 130 works by a wide range of abstract artists.

Cercle et Carré was absorbed by Abstraction-Création when the latter was founded in 1933, but Torres García continued the publication in Montevideo in his native Uruguay.

Selected artworks in the collection

Kurt Schwitters The Autumn Crocus

1926–8, reconstructed 1958

Georges Vantongerloo Interrelation of Volumes