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Filamaktion were a loose-knit group of experimental British filmmakers who worked and performed together in the early 1970s

Malcolm Le Grice, Horror Film 1 (1971)

Malcolm Le Grice, Horror Film 1 (1971)

Endorsing a more active, participatory experience of cinema, Filmaktion re-imagined the possibilities for film projection as a live event. Because of their improvisational and participatory approach, the artists rejected conventional cinemas in favour of more immersive environments, screening their works in art venues and warehouses.

Artists associated with Filmaktion include Gill Eatherley, Malcolm Le Grice, Annabel Nicolson, and William Raban who were also active members of the influential London Filmmaker’s Co-operative that ran between 1966 and 1999.

For the Tanks Live Programme at Tate Modern in 2012, three core members of Filmaktion, Gill Eatherley, Malcolm Le Grice and William Raban staged screenings of their original works, incorporating elaborate projections and arrangements to create a sculptural, immersive and embodied space for cinema.

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