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Intaglio describes any printmaking technique in which the image is produced by incising into the printing plate – the incised line or area holds the ink and creates the image

Lucian Freud, ‘Girl with a Fig Leaf’ 1947
Lucian Freud
Girl with a Fig Leaf 1947
© The Lucian Freud Archive / Bridgeman Images

Intaglio methods

  • Etching

    Etching is a printmaking technique that uses chemical action to produce incised lines in a metal printing plate which then ...

  • Drypoint

    Drypoint is a printmaking process in which a design is drawn on a plate with a sharp, pointed needle-like instrument

  • Engraving

    Engraving is a printmaking technique that involves making incisions into a metal plate which retain the ink and form the ...

  • Wood engraving

    A printmaking method distinct from woodcut in that the line is incised into the woodblock, rather than the background being ...

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