Sonia Delaunay Rhythm 1945
Antoine Pevsner, ‘Maquette of a Monument Symbolising the Liberation of the Spirit’ 1952
Antoine Pevsner
Maquette of a Monument Symbolising the Liberation of the Spirit 1952
© ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2021
John Wells, ‘Sea Bird Forms’ 1951
John Wells
Sea Bird Forms 1951
© The estate of John Wells

Artist Sonia Delaunay set up the society along with other artists working in an abstract style. The name reflects the fundamental idea that abstract art is a new reality because it does not refer to or imitate any existing reality.

After the interruption of the Second World War it was re-established in 1946, again with the help of Sonia Delaunay, and continues today. It provided in the post-war era the same focus for the purest tendencies in abstract art that Abstraction-Création had pre-war.

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Orphism, simultanism, abstract art