"I work by intuition" says Annette Messager "So each time I create, it is as if it is my first artwork". Messager uses everyday objects, often found on the streets around her Paris studio, to create artworks that deal with memories with a refined cruelty.

Pikes feature little bodies made out of a combination of doll parts, stuffed limbs, headless torsos and internal organs enclosed in sections of stocking, or pierced by many coloured pencils and hung with drawings of torture instruments and victims. Her installation reflects the world of the carnival in which chaos is briefly allowed to replace order, and the boundaries between civilised and uncivilised behaviour begin to blur.

I wanted to be somebody important so I gave me a lot of titles, and it Messager artiste and it Messager collector.

I work more by intuition. Each time it’s my first work. I like to use material you have in the house. For me the material of the house could be very strange and very dangerous too. It depends how you look at them. I wanted something more… maybe more offensive. I took a broom, the studio. On the top of the broom I began to hang something. Say okay… it will be the series of pikes, because in France we do a lot of strikes and going in the street and… with pikes. I mixed a lot of different elements with drawings; drawings of head, drawings of map of the world.

During two years I did a series called Continent Noir, black continent. I used this matter here, it’s a black harp. And, so I began to cover object. After that I wanted to have part of body because all my life I use maybe toys but also part of body.

This one, the first… was the first one, was a head and a leg and I put them together. I say, okay it will be separate pieces and… I will call it My Transport. And, sometimes there is only one… They’re shoes, baby shoes, maybe it’s lost, because I collect baby shoes in the street. It’s the end of the work so I tried to install like it will be in the gallery. It’s a mess.

I did some works with words, always with a net; by example, desire, secret. I did also this…this word here, icon. And, I think of the icon falling. You are very curious to ask me how they are made, you know, it’s a secret.